No wonder getting customers is tough!!

I attended the Nasscom Product Conclave in Bangalore on 7th and 8th November and here is a brief post on what I liked about the event.

I met many people including some who had a possibility of selling their services to NRich in the near term.  I was really surprised that most did not even bother to send a mail taking the relationship further.  Worse, they did not even acknowledge the mail I wrote to them!!

Just now (21st November, almost 2 weeks after the event), I got a mail from a person I met. I am giving below the contents of the mail while masking his identity and that of the organization he is representing.


Dear Badri,

Greetings from xxxx

It was great meeting you at NPC ’12.

For your recall, we enable businesses in the High-Tech space to be Successful, with our Value Interventions (Market, Product & Innovation)

We also work with companies on institutionalizing the Product Management discipline in their departments and have certified more than 300 Professionals in India through our programs

For regular updates on Product Management, Innovation and everything else in between, please subscribe to our newsletter

We would love to hear more about you and your company. Do contact us for any queries/ details.

Have a great day



Manager Marketing


Obviously, this person (and perhaps his organization too) has not realized that he exists to serve his customers and prospects (like me) and not the other way around.

As you can see, the mail is full about them and who they are and is very silent about my specific needs.  In fact, the parting words (almost as an afterthought)  are where the person has realized that he does not know anything about me and my products.  But the damage is already done and I am not going to entertain any service from this organization which is gloating about itself from beginning to end.

Initially, I wanted to analyze the elements of the mail but I see it as a waste of my time.  The considered view that “using jargons would impress and prevail” are too deep-rooted for me to try and change.

If the company doesn’t need customers like me (as they appear to), then they could have atleast saved the trouble of writing to me.  Clearly, they have taken a template and replaced the name of the person and the email id for every contact. Nothing more!!

And we crib that the cost of acquiring customers in India is too high!! LOL



1 Comment

  1. N Ramesh said,

    November 21, 2012 at 6:37 am

    That is how the Corporate World behaves, mate !

    That is how the MBAs in such Corporates communicate, buddy !

    That is how the people of the world are, almost aimless and directionless most of the time !

    That is how most persons in this world are, who are not properly grounded, rooted, footed, leave alone anchored on the right lines !

    They lack clarity in what they are upto in life, including their business / entrepreneurial life !

    They lack primarily lack role clarity and they are not concerned about anything else other than their remuneration part alone !

    And they are just not really bothered about realising it, i.e., in understanding their folly and their flaws !

    They are not even interested in admitting and accepting their mistakes and remove their fault lines !

    They seem to be not that keen on truly improving themselves and enhancing their chances to succeed in their lives !

    They are not even eager to do their own homework, prepare themselves or ready themselves for any of their tasks that they undertake in their respective life !

    They are not that much involved in readying themselves or equipping themselves for performing any duty in the course of their lifespan !

    They are not even engaged in the primary act of looking at and addressing their fundamentals, if not strengthening their foudnation, to say the bare minimum at this vital, crucial and critical juncture !

    That’s the way the world is, my friend !

    Thus Spake the Modern Sage !

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