Test your Pitch

A disclaimer to start with:  This has nothing to do with MS Dhoni,  the current series against England, Eden Garden Kolkota or the curator who sulked but eventually came back!!

This was actually a session @ TiECON Chennai 2012 at the South West corner of the Convention hall of Chennai Trade Centre on 4th Dec 2012.  It was (un)structured in an unconference style & ably conducted by Dorai Thodla (well supported by Ashwin of ContractIQ)

elevator pitch

Entrepreneurs who want to get the attention of their customers, investors and other key people can do well with short and sweet phrases that are catchy and arresting.  This is also called an “elevator speech” to get someone interested in your pitch from the time they step in an elevator (with you) till they get off (with or without you).

As there was a good response for this session, Dorai (wisely) split the participants into small groups and asked the group members to make a pitch to others.  he then asked the group members for the effective pitches and the ones they could remember well.

In my group where there were 2 fementrepreneurs (no spelling error here- it refers to entrepreneurs who are females & no offence meant too) who had stunning ideas in waste management & education.  As a group we worked to help them craft memorable pitches and it was great watchng their faces glow.

I also made a brief pitch to the entire group about DiaSof and it was “DiaSof is a web app that helps Diabetic patients be Healthier, Anywhere, Anytime”.  I gauge the effectiveness by the way people remembered it.  It was therefore really flattering when one participant actually wanted to buy the subscription purely on the pitch without even knowing what the product was!!

It was fun and we didn’t realize that one hour had passed by! Thank you Dorai for making a session so enjoyable and valuable.




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