Facebook & my birthday


I arrived in this planet many years back on this day (22nd Dec).

My early memories of my birthday gifts were the ones sent regularly by my mother’s uncle Shri S S Sundaram (affectionately called Dehradun Chittappa) which would come in cloth bags sealed with a red substance called ‘arakku’ (in Tamizh).  I also remember getting a tri-cycle from my mother in which I would zip across the home for quite some time.

I would also get my birthday dress (those were treasured moments unlike now when we buy clothes every now & then) and a special cake ordered from a bakery in VM Street, Mylapore, Chennai

I would call a few friends in Lloyds Colony (where I spent my formative years) for a brief cake-cutting function and the day would come to an end after opening all the gifts.

Those moments faded away as the years passed by and the magic of the birthday became dormant.  There would be that pair of shirt and pant which continued but then there was no celebration of sorts.  I would get a card or two by post (I still retain a few as memories of yester years) and the day would pass by without much a fuss.

This year, it was like going back to my childhood.  I cut a plum-cake that my wife and sons bought, wore a new dhoti and a new shirt and got greetings via few phone calls, some sms, couple of emails and many on Facebook.  In fact, Facebook triggered a phone call as well from a dear friend!!

It would be no exaggeration to say that Facebook and other technologies like sms, email etc have brought people closer because they make reaching out so easy and effortless.

The greetings I got on Facebook, for example, were from cousins, friends, ex-colleagues, classmates, professional acquaintances whom I have had the privilege  of knowing at different stages of life.  I have not met many of them for decades but am instantly touched and moved by their warm words and expression of love.

Thank you for making my day! Keep smiling!!


1 Comment

  1. N Ramesh said,

    December 23, 2012 at 10:17 am

    Happy Birthday Badri !

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