A truly inspiring entrepreneurial journey

I had heard Raju Venkataraman at the PSBB PTA meet and hence when i got the information that he is going to share his success story under the TiE auspices, I decided to attend it. And I am glad I did!!


After a brief introduction about TiE by Sanjay Shroff of MedIndia, Raju narrated his early beginnings in entrepreneurship by collecting receivables for the family business and by doing white label for a perfume product.  Perhaps the first experience taught him the critical nature of collections even before he did his MBA.  He also took the audience through his entrepreneurial stints whilst being an employee at Cadburys in India and at EDS in the US.

IT is really amazing that he thought of cross-border IT business even in the 1980’s and the way he built Vetri Software before selling it to Lazon, his brief stint with Revit (I am not sure if I got the spelling right) before selling it to ICICI One Source and his third innings with Medall, a medical diagnostic player with a strong presence and focus in south India.  

While his narration of 40 minutes was really valuable and absorbing, what I really liked was his response to the questions from the audience, yours included.  In fact, I started off with the questions by asking him the reason for entering the medical diagnostic area when there were established players with a national presence.  He responded that the data available to him 3 years ago was that the market size was Rs.5000 crores but the largest player was just 200 crores and was a fragmented market.  He believed that there were lot of opportunities and that he was rightly positioned to take advantage of them.  

To a question on passion and emotional attachment, Raju made it clear that any of his businesses are available for purchase at the right price.  He felt that while passion is important, an emotional detachment was equally vital if scaling was desired and that could be done if the entrepreneur truly believed that there were others who built the business with him/her.

(I am writing this post purely from memory, as I did not make any notes during the meeting).

There was another interesting question which was ‘After Medall, what?” and Raju’s response was typical of his nature.  He said his ultimate ambition was to be a farmer and when asked why, he said that he was always looking for productivity, scale and money and all of these are present in the farming sector.

There were some more questions before the launch of the Health Care Special Interest Group (SIG) was announced.  




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  1. N Ramesh said,

    January 21, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    If the Diagnostic Market itself could be that big, how much would the Prognostic Market would be, for all practical (realistic) purposes !

    Yes, simple Deliverable Health and Wellness oriented Solutions and Services truly has a very huge potential to grow from now onwards !

    Thus Spake the New Age Sage !

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