Kamal, will you stop this please !!

As I lay tossing in my bed, partly on account of the mosquito menace but largely due to targeted abuse by a famous actor (about which I shall explain in detail very soon), I made a decision.  I got up, turned the computer on and started writing this post at 2:46 am.

I have not seen Vishwaroopam yet and so cannot comment on whether Kamalhasan (Kamal) has wronged the muslim sentiment but clearly he has systematically abused another sect for quite some time.

Kamal is an avowed atheist but of a special kind.  Perhaps he is so ashamed of his birth in a vaishnava family that he has taken every opportunity (sometimes even created ones where none existed) to tarnish the vaishnavite symbols and philosophies. Before you brand me as parochial or paranoid, allow me to present some evidence.


Starting with Vishwaroopam, his current film that has created much furore and controversy! Many of you may have known that  Lord Krishna has been quoted in various scriptures to have revealed his cosmic form (Vishwa and Roopam) right from the time when he opened his mouth as a child to his mother to the Kurukshetra battlefield.  In fact, the first seva of the day at vaishnavite temples is called Vishwaroopa seva.  And if I remember right, chapter 11 of  the Bhagavad Geeta is about Vishwaroopa darisanam.  To my limited knowledge, there is no hindu sect other than vaishnavism where the viswaroopam is given so much importance.  Kamal may think he is larger than life but to appropriate vishwaroopam is really not done!!


Let’s move on to his previous movie Dasavataram!!  You don’t need to be a vedic exponent to answer a question on what is Dasavataram!! Any child will tell you that these are the 10 significant avatars of Lord Vishnu and they represent the evolution of life. And what has Kamal done to justify this title for his movie?  He has donned the roles of a staunch vaishnavite defying the saivite king of yesteryears, an old aiyangar (yet again!!) lady spewing expletives in brahminical dialect, a lanky giant (a lousy attempt to compare the trivikrama avatar), an atheist scientist of Indian origin from US, a bangra dancer, a lousy law enforcement officer, a cold-blooded American murderer to name a few.  In fact, I feel a palpable strain in trying to remember the other roles!!  And these are his avatars and the name of the movie is Dasavataram!!  In this context, I cannot but recall the movie ‘Thirumal Perumai’ where Kamal’s idol Sivaji Ganesan played some of the Azhwars (deep disciples of Lord Vishnu) with so much devotion.


Remember the movie where Kamal played a psycho mottai and his twin?  The title was ‘Aalavandan’ meaning ‘one who came to conquer’ and  there was nothing in the story line that I recall that really justified the title.  Again, an attempt to abuse Vaishnavism!!  It is the name of the Acharya of Ramanujar, the most celebrated saints of Vaishnavism. Incidentally, his name was Yamunacharya but he got the name   ‘AaLavandar’ (notice the ‘r’ at the end signifying respect) when a Pandyan Queen addressed him as ’emmai aaLa vandeero?” to mean “Did you come to conquer us?” soon after he, as a young boy, defeated a very learned  but arrogant pundit of those times in a contest.  AaLavandar (the real one) became a towering Acharya and he composed such priceless works like Stotra-ratnam on Mahavishnu and Chatus-loki on Lakshmi besides many others.  Kamal had the audacity of naming this flop movie that was made with huge fanfare and at someone else’ cost after a Vaishnavite Acharya!!


And this planned abuse is not just of recent origin!! Kamal fans would remember a forgettable movie called ‘Guru’ made in the ’80s where he is a thief and enters the house of the police commissioner as an old electrician wearing a ‘thiruman’ popularly and wrongly called as ‘namam’ and flirts with the heroine Sridevi before leaving.  To be fair, he is not the first one in movies to use the divine name ‘Govinda’ as if to mean ‘all is lost’!!

These are just top-of-mind recollections and I am sure that with some more digging, we can find more skeletons.  Suffice to say that Kamal, an actor with phenomenal talent whom I otherwise respect, has, for reasons known best to him, heaped abuses on the Vaishnavite sect in particular and has rode his luck so far!!

To those of the readers who may dismiss these as mere ‘coincidences’ or ‘artistic license’ ( explanations that Kamal and his supporters may possibly give, if at all) , I urge them to discern the systematic and convoluted design based on the sample evidence that I have presented.  And let us not tolerate this kind of nonsense any longer.

On my behalf and on behalf of millions of vaishnavites who have remained non-vocal so far, I demand that Kamal cease and desist from any similar attempts.  I believe that he has done these intentionally but there is no better time than now to stop.  I am confident that as the intellectual and rationalist that he claims to be, he will see reason and be truly secular!!



  1. santhanam said,

    January 30, 2013 at 3:32 am

    Nice one

  2. PS Rajan said,

    January 30, 2013 at 3:44 am

    I fully agree with the writer. Kamal is fond of criticising Brahmins that too Iyengars ,. Criticizing iyengars is nothing but criticising his own fore-fathrs like father, grand father etc. It is the curse by the people that he does not have a peaceful family life. See how Sarika reacted when his name was mentioned. In one of his public interviews Kamal has criticised the “Yagnopaveeth” or ” Poonool” . The interviewer asked him why don’t you wear poonool. and Kamal replied I don’t need to scratch my back . So I don’t wear it.. If he has told I don’t have faith it is OK. He means that all those re wearing only to scratch their back..I have regard for E.V.Ra. as he fought for his people. He had some purpose . But Kamal’s intention to get cheap popularity by making statements. In viswaroopam he asked the girl from brahmin to taste the chicken. Idiotic.
    He is a good actor , no doubt , but his words and deeds are inhuman.

  3. Sridhar said,

    January 30, 2013 at 8:16 am

    absolutely bang on target…I think Kamal suffers from some complex / disease where a person deprecates himself / his clan in order to draw appreciation from some quarters…It is one thing to be atheist but there is no need to demean a culture which is so old and still managed to survive and exist even today…His comments about Poonal and and asking the brahmin heroine in Viswaroopam to taste the chicken..(by the way what was the need for depicting the heroine as Brahmin, I dint see any connection in the entire movie)..This is deliberate so that he can say he demeans every religion / belief.

    I sincerely believe he has deep inside him some psychological issues to sort out…

  4. N Ramesh said,

    January 30, 2013 at 8:50 am

    Contextually speaking, less said the better about Kamal and his histrionic tantrums, which is more of a perverse abuse of his so-called Creativity !

    In this context, I cannot but fully agree with the author of this Blog post (for a change !) and contend that Kamal has done a series of such mischiefs !

    And he goes about doing the same intentionally and deliberately and that too with a tacit purpose and objective of bordering on conflicts and controversies !

    He is virtually fishing for cheap publicity, which he tries to get either at no cost or at low cost, and wants to somehow rig the popularity quotient of his Films !

    He literally rakes up some debate and makes people think and speak about it thereby also getting a lot of media coverage and that is what is precisely needs !

    In the process, he gets what all is required for ensuring the Box Office Success of his Feature Films, and at the same time bravely defends it on secular grounds !

    He also puts up an innocent face and makeover in front of the Camera, in which he is really good at, being a true dramatist and a theatric personality !

    Herein, it is needless to state that he also at times drives the Caste sentiments to the hilt besides touching the Religious motifs as well, in which is he good at !

    For instance, is another case of he depicting the role of a ‘lusty and restless Iyengar cum mercenary’ in a period film relating to India’s Freedom struggle !

    And even to this Feature Film of his, he ventured to christen it as ‘Hey Ram’ which was intertwined with some patriotic fervour as well, coupled with Brahmical tinge !

    This he made in Circa 2000 and released in 2001 but was not well received by the public who rejected the storyline and the antics of Kamal to say the least !

    By the way, this response to the Blog Post of Badri is not complete but is only temporarily suspended for the time being, which will hopefully resume later !

    Thus Spake The New Age Sage !

  5. January 31, 2013 at 1:56 am

    […] I wrote a post about the intended systematic denigration of Vaishnavism by Actor Kamalhasan and did nothing more than the usual links in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google […]

  6. Kosu Adichan said,

    February 1, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    Ppppaaaaa… Intha kosu tholla thanga mudila…

  7. S Gopal said,

    February 5, 2013 at 8:16 am

    You said it! After hearing the ‘Vishvaroopam controversy’ I was furiously thinking up on writing about the very thing that has been highlighted in this article (i’m not a regular blogger or anything, so, left it there..). Though I do appreciate his talents, and, try and watch his movies (not a regular movie watcher either) the Brahmin abuse has been going too far. Whatever his reasons may have been in his youth for turning anti-brahminical (career motives?!?), it is time he reviewed them now, and not use his views blatantly in his movies anymore….Appreciate stirring us up with this article…!

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