Have you used this powerful tool?

Yesterday, I attended an event organized by TiE Chennai (you might ask, so what’s new?) but this post is not about that event (can I hear a real sigh of relief?).  That post will come in shortly (your happiness is short-lived) and this particular post is a prelude to that!!

I tweet once in a while and my twitter handle is @badrirag but I have not done any live tweeting in many years.  Armed with a laptop and a hope that wi-fi will be available, I positioned myself near an electrical socket in the IITM Auditorium.  Then I discovered that the auditorium’s wi-fi wasn’t on but soon managed to get a photon+ device and was online.

Between 10 am and 4:30 pm, I had posted about 74 tweets and that covered the majority of the sessions.  with the laptop on the lap (where else could it be!!), i couldn’t make any notes on the pad (not the ipad, just the plain old notepad with sheets of paper) nor did i jot down any e-notes in a word document!!

As you may have gathered, I normally write a post on the events that I attend but on this occasion, I had no content save my tweets.  I was wondering how to extract my tweets that I had written and searched on our always dependable google.  there were some posts on it but nothing that I could really use.

And then  I came across an interesting link that talked about exporting tweets to different format.  Quite apprehensive about the process, I clicked on it and then it was magic!! the website was twdocs.com and this was the opening and perhaps the only page



It was a dream come true (atleast for me)!!  I granted access to my twitter account and asked for the latest 200 tweets to be exported to a pdf and presto it was there for me to download.  But the structuring of the contents of the pdf file was not suitable for the task at hand and so I once again asked for an export of the latest 200 tweets into a csv file.

I opened the file, selected the tweets relevant to the event and then sorted them from first to last and saved it as a separate worksheet in the same xls file and I was ready to start composing my blog post.

I want to the thank the folks at twdocs for creating a wonderful tool!!


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  1. N Ramesh said,

    March 25, 2013 at 9:10 am

    Thank God that it came free of cost and not priced at Rs.99/- or at Rs.995/- as the case may be, thereby proving that there is Free Lunch in this dog eat dog world too, even as of now, even when I am responding to this blog post, while intermittently doing ‘Annadhanam’ (Feeding throughout the day) on the occasion of the Temple Festival in Mylapore, Chennai !

    That’s the Real Spirit of India !

    Thus Spake the New Age Sage !

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