The Wedding(s) of the Year

I attended a gala series of global weddings yesterday at Kamaraj Arangam.

You  might be wondering “Why would international weddings happen in Chennai and even then Kamaraj Arangam is not a wedding hall!!”

I am referring to Abhinaya 2013, the Thematic Anniversary Program of the PSBB Group of Schools titled, that I had the privilege of watching yesterday evening (25th July 2013).

And it was a global wedlock extravaganza what with the first item featuring weddings of the Zulus, the Eskimos, the Chinese, the Jewish, the Hawaiian, the Mexican, Cambodian Buddhist and the Bhutan Royal.  you should see it to believe the attention to detail be it the costumes, the music, the subtle nuances in the wedding ceremonies and the ambiance.  The audience was literally transported into each of those wedding events!! And most of the cast was the tiny tots of the primary school!!  Amazing would be an understatement.

(I had taken the snaps from a smart phone sitting on the fourth row and apologize for the lack of clarity)

IMG_20130725_175844 IMG_20130725_175826 IMG_20130725_175824 IMG_20130725_175636

This was followed by Beauty and the Beast based on the classic fairy tale and the key takeaway was “look for innate beauty and not for the superficial looks and appearances that are transient”.

The one next was yet another fairy tale, the one of Cinderella.  The expressions of the Cinderella girls (the one at home and the other at the party) were really wonderful!!  So were the ‘special effects’ where the fairy mother transforms a pumpkin into a chariot and the mice into the horses!!


The Indian story of Valli Kalyanam was the next one on the stage and it was divine to listen to Tamizh after the western plays (பல தேசம் முழுதும் தோன்றும் மொழிகள் தமிழ் போல் இனித்திடுமா?).

It was really funny to see Valli asking the old man (Lord Muruga in disguise) to save her from the wild elephant (Lord Ganesha) and agreeing to marry him only to go back on her word when the elephant disappeared!!  That the elephant came again to frighten her out of her wits and beg the old man to marry her was a real movie-like climax!!

valli kalyanam

If you were to watch the S(h)inta Sayembara on TV or on You Tube, you would be forgiven to think that it was a live show from Indonesia or a troupe from Indonesia came to India to perform!!  This particular item was a class in itself in all aspects.   Even the choice of the students to play the roles was remarkable because they looked and played Indonesian in all their movements.  This was the version of Sita Swyamvaram from Ramayana and it was truly a professional presentation.  The costumes including the க்ரீடம் for each and every person in the play were very apt and well designed.  The movements of the artists, especially Rama, Lakshmana and Sita were fluid, graceful and truly Indonesian.  Hats off to the teachers and the students!!

IMG_20130725_183217 IMG_20130725_183544

Subhadra Kalyanam was a modern adaptation of the traditional marriage between Arjuna and Subadhra and this spoof was penned by the one and only Mrs YGP, the Dean and Director of the PSBB group of Schools.  The bhangra dance was a dynamite!!

Rukmini Kalyanam was a poem in action that was vividly depicted by the students.  Special mention must be made of the dance in different styles like Manipuri, Kathak and Rajasthani.

rukmini kalyanam

Matrimorphosis was an adaptation of the Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare with a moral at the end about great marriages are not those between perfect couples but between imperfect ones who learn to accept and enjoy the differences.

The concluding program was Andal Thirukalyanam which featured a fusion of music and dance based on the famous Varanam aayiram from Aandal.

Andal Kalyanam

That the School was going for ISO Certification for  this Anniversary program was yet another remarkable news!! I am doubly proud because I am an Alumnus of this great institution and also because I am the son of the Management Representative (MR) for this mammoth initiative Mrs. K S Vijayalakshmi, the Academic Administrator and Coordinator of the PSBB Group of Schools.

KSV singing Amrithavarshini

I am indeed very happy that I attended!!



  1. Ram said,

    July 26, 2013 at 1:52 am

    Truly fantastic & inspring stuff Badri. I hope a vide recording was done of this program. If yes, I would love to buy a CD. Let me know please. Thanks

    • badrirag said,

      July 26, 2013 at 2:58 am


      It was webcast live via purple stream y’day and will be done today as well @ 5 pm IST. Try and watch it.


  2. July 26, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    Iam not surprised. It is PSBB we are talking about.God bless the teachers who trained them and the kids.Please convey my regards to your mom.Will soon be needing her advice.Will call when in Chennai.

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