Very different but amazingly similar responses

Just now, I was going through my old posts and chanced on this one which talked about whether your product is ‘good to have’ or ‘must have’.  It had been quite a while since I wrote this post (almost 22 months) and so it was great to refresh by an another read.

This post is not about my reading an earlier post but the synchronicity that I suddenly realized.

Just last week, I wrote an article titled “Is your product a ‘pain-killer’ or a ‘vitamin’ and that was carried by here.


I was stunned that an almost similar question had elicited 2 entirely different but highly consistent answers with almost 2 years between the responses.  In that moment, I saw the futility of insisting on only one answer in our examinations and tests.  Wish we had more open-ended questions that would give more scope to the students to expand their thinking horizons!!


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