How crazier can this get?

I attended a management event recently and exchanged cards with a person seated next to me.  He later wrote to me recalling our meeting at the event and then sent me a request to connect with him on LinkedIn which I accepted.

Today, just after 2 days of getting connected and just on the basis of our brief interaction at the event, this gentleman has endorsed me for 4 skills “Business Development, Management, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships’!!!!!!


Should I feel great that I am oozing out all these skills that others can easily and quickly recognize?

I always thought (and still do) that endorsing someone requires personal interaction and thoughtful consideration.

Every time when I am asked by LinkedIn prompt if I think X is good at ‘something’, I reflect on whether I have enough interaction with X to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and unless it is a strong ‘yes’, I do not click on ‘endorse’.

This is worse than ‘likes’ in Facebook.  I only hope that LinkedIn will not look at the number of endorsements of a profile to determine the ranking or listing!! If it does, then emails will fly between contacts asking each other to endorse on a quid pro quo basis.  Perhaps this is even happening as I write!!

Or possibly, LinkedIn will come out with an ad program that will add to the ‘endorsements’ which will in turn upgrade my profile, if it has not done so already!!



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