3 things that I loved about Day 1 of the Nasscom Product Conclave 2013 (NPC2013)

Just returned from Nasscom Product Conclave 2013 (#NPC2013) at Bengaluru.  This is a quick post to share some top of the mind experiences. Detailed post(s) will follow, if i get around to writing them!!



Although the logo says 29-30th Oct, NPC actually started on 28th with an almost full day of workshops.

What did I love?

a. Seamless registration & check in: All i did was to mention my company’s name NRich Software at the counter that said ‘N’ and the person manning it, checked his list, spotted the name, took out my badge and handed it to me with the bag. It was almost real-time.  Great show guys who designed and executed the registration.

(btw, these are my experiences.  I saw a few friends looking quite hassled because there was some missing link in their reg process)

b. Subscription Pricing Framework session: The first half of the session was great because of extensive audience participation thanks to a vibrant moderation by Mukund.

(The latter half was more theory and gyan about CAC, LTV that we could have picked up from any SaaS website)

c. The ebay-paypal session onn payment experiences Session: Also interactive with a lot of t-shirts being handed over for interesting questions and answers (I got one too for asking about non-irctc travel purchases online and how come that did not spill over for other brands and products- In fact, I asked for it and got!!). The moderation by Ramkumar and the responses from Satish and Vivek was bang on.  Very interactive.

Will be back about snapshots of days 2 and 3 soon!! Would love to hear what your experiences were!!


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  1. November 3, 2013 at 2:21 am

    […] my earlier post, I wrote about the 3 things i loved about day 1 of NPC 2013.   Now I shall write about my […]

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