Ew of Sikkil Gurucharan’s Concert at Bharat Kalachar on 13th December 2013

If you are wondering about the heading, here is the reason.  I went to this concert when two-thirds was over and hence by no stretch of imagination can this be a Review!! 


I have never heard Sikkil Gurucharan (SG) before although I have heard about his performances especially with pianist Anil Srinivasan.  so it was with an element of curiousity that i went to this performance.  I do not know anything about him in terms of his musical lineage or gurus and so it was with an open mind that I attended this event.

When I reached, the ‘tani avartanam’ was underway (part of ‘kripaya palaya’ a Swati Tirunal kriti in Charukesi) and because i dont understand the intricacies of tala (not that I am a maestro in Ragas!!) I couldnt relish it as much as my neighbours (some of them with a free-flowing wrong tala too) did!  But from what I listened it was a good exchange between the mridangist Arun Prakash and the Purushottaman on kanjira. Mrs YGP congratulated the team for their performance and mentioned that mere listening to it without knowledge of ragas was enough.  she also observed that the performers were really in the music themselves.

SG took up Khamas next and it was ‘Theruvil vaarano’, a padam in Tamizh by Muthu Thandavar.  He really excelled in bringing out the various contours of Khamas in the various sangathis and since this was a composition I have not heard before, I could listen to it with attention without comparing it with how it was delivered by someone else.  The song was in praise of Lord Nataraja and there was quite a lot of ‘kanakku’.  Overall, I enjoyed this piece.

Next was RTP (Ragam Thanam Pallavi for the uninitiated) in Vasantha.  SG mentioned that the Pallavi was composed by the accompanying violinist Nagai Sriram.  While the Ragam was ok, it was the Tanam that really brightened up the space.  The pallavi was on Muruga and started with calling him as Vishnu’s nephew (‘Maal marugan’).  The various flourishes of SG in the pallavi were matched phrase by phrase by the violinist and SG finished it with a flurry of kalpanaswaras.  The percussionists too rose to the occassion and it was very pleasant to listen.

An intricate Tillana by Duraiswamy Iyengar in Darbari Kannada (the composer’s name was courtesy by a neighbour who googled it up in her smartphone) was well rendered by SG.

He completed the concert with a combo of “vaaranam aayiram” and ‘oruthi maganai pirandhu” both by Andal in the ragam Behag. Normally we listen to Tirupaavais only in the month of Margazhi but perhaps SG thought it fit to render it y’day because he was performing under the banner of ‘Margazhi Mahotsav’ of Bharat Kalachar.

I only wish more rasikas were there to enjoy the music by SG and his team.  Wishing SG all success in the future concerts.




  1. N Ramesh said,

    December 14, 2013 at 5:38 am

    That was a fairly good coverage of a Concert and may be you now have another alternative profession in hand of reviewing Musical Concerts for the media ! Good Luck !

    Thus Spake the New Age Sage !

    N Ra

  2. December 15, 2013 at 8:27 am

    […] When I met SG after the event and asked him about the difference between Dharmavathi and Madhuvanthi (its equivalent in hindustani music), he quickly and clearly explained it with an instant short demo.  I think he can deliver led-dems as well (if he is not doing so already).  (A part review of SG’s recent concert at Bharat Kalachar can be read here) […]

  3. December 17, 2013 at 11:45 am

    […] Read more on this concert review here […]

  4. December 19, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    […] Vaarano” of Muthu Thandavar in the ragam Khamas.  I had heard this for the first time at Sikkil Gurucharan’s concert just 3 days earlier and here I was hearing it for the second time in quick succession. […]

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