Sandhyavandanam – ISO Certified

Some time back, I had written a post about Cloud computing and SV and this post is another in the same vein.


As you might be aware, the entire ISO movement rests on the foundation of “Say what you do. Do what you say”.  We document the process steps that we are gong to follow in say Customer Support and then follow those steps un-waveringly to get the benefit of the process itself in that domain.  Many organizations who go for ISO merely for the certification find it very difficult to follow this basic dictum and hence face major or minor NCR (non compliance report)

I observed a strong resonance of this in the SandhyaVandanam (SV) throughout.

  • After the achamanam and the pranayamam, we perform a sankalpam (declaration) at every step.  We declare at the outset of SV that we will perform the Morning SV (Pratha Sandhyam ubasishye), do it and close the loop at the end (Pratha Sandhyam upasthanam karishye)!  
  • Likewise, ‘arkhya pradanam’. We say that we want to perform the arkya or oblations using water and then we perform the arkhya thrice.  
  • Similarly, we declare that we will recite Gayathri 10, 28 or 108 times and then we do it as we declared.  

What an amazing process flow!!  The ISO process seems deeply embedded in our tradition thousands of years before it was actually coined as a management paradigm.

What other examples can you share?



  1. N Ramesh said,

    December 26, 2013 at 9:20 am

    I may not be able to share about all such subtle stuff as lucidly as you have done through your blog post. But yes, as a student of Vedantha; I can do it only right across the table, ideally over a cup of Coffee or Tea as the case may be, and definitely at length, depending upon the kind of interest shown by the discerning seekers / audience / listeners, who must be willing to give an undivided attention, leave alone having Sharaddha and Bhakthi, and they shall have the knowledge transferred between one another by the sheer Grace of My Lord !

    Thus Spake The New Age Sage !

    • badrirag said,

      December 29, 2013 at 5:02 pm


      Looks like you have determined to comment on this post but do not have a clue of what to write.

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