Enchanting Pitch Coaching

No, this is not about England’s Ashes rout at Australia or about the recent Indian (dismal) performance at South Africa!  It is not even about curating the cricket pitches for favourable performances! In fact, this is not about cricket at all!!

It’s about a quickly assembled event jointly by TiE Chennai and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) this evening (9th Jan 2014) where Ms Annette Kramer helped polish and enhance pitches by entrepreneurs for investment.


When I heard about this event through a regular TiE communication, I was curious and hence sent a request to make a pitch in her presence. But when I got a mail suggesting the format, I felt that it would be more suitable for those pitching to UK/US Investors and I decided to give it a pass.  I am thankful to Sonia Pradhan of TiE who called me the previous day and told me about the opportunity in improving my pitch.  I attended the event very reluctantly but I am really happy I did.

During my chat with Annette just before the event, I asked her if she saw any differences between Investors from different nationalities and she categorically said that they are all the same in wanting to earn lots of money from their investments.

After a brief and sweet introduction by TiE Chennai Secretary Pravin Shekar, Annette gave a quick outline of the pitch and invited the willing entrepreneurs to come to the stage and deliver their pitches.

Because I was seated in the first row and perhaps because I had interacted with her a short while earlier, she asked if I would be willing to be the first one to give it a try. (I then understood the merits of being a back-bencher!!)

I went to the stage and made a pitch for DiaSof, more conscious of Annette’s presence and the time limit of 3 minutes.  When I finished Annette came to the stage and congratulated me for doing a fantastic job.  Little did I know then that it was just to put me at ease so that I would be more attentive to her feedback.  She really made a mincemeat of my pitch by pointing out the key things I omitted viz the team, the reference from a user to name a few.  And as I responded to her queries, it became evident that I was keeping the crown jewels (of my venture) hidden from the investors.  And once she was finished, she asked the audience if they had any feedback and I then got a ton of it. I then realized that my pitch was early stage or alpha as it is commonly referred to!!  What was so wonderful about the entire experience that at no point of time did Annette make me feel bad or defensive.  On the contrary, she contributed to a much refined and elegant approach.

And it wasn’t only me who got this soft glove treatment.  All the entrepreneurs who followed viz Ramkumar (who pitched for funds to support his start-up marketing accelerator), Balaji (a well delivered pitch for his educational package), Vishwanathan (a trainer focussing on creating employable youth in the rural India) and SN (who talked about Visual resumes to replace the old boring CV format) were beautifully coached by Annette.  She brought out the best in each of us that we had not disclosed during our respective pitches be it a differentiator in our offering, our track record and its relevance to our ventures and the pedigree of our clients.

Annette has done a lot of work in helping Theater professionals and it showed during her animated responses to our gaffe especially the exasperation when each of us talked about our ‘solutions’ which in her opinion was a much abused cliché.  Likewise, when we took a long time to get to the revenue model, she would cut us short and get us to the point of talking about the money.  She did this time and again because she felt that Investors were looking for only how they will make their money back and how soon they can do that.

When she opened the questions to the audience after each pitch, we caught on quickly and asked pointedly about revenue models so much so that she said that ‘this was the most interactive audience she has ever had’.  She was generous with her compliments for everyone but at the same time made her points stick with the participants firmly.  She had a good word to say about every contribution, be it from the participants and the audience.  I am still marvelling at the way she made a distinction between ‘I hope’ and ‘I know’ or ‘If’ and ‘when’.  And she really inspired me by the manner in which she packaged her suggestions as if we thought of them ourselves!

I normally avoid repeating myself but this was certainly an enchanting evening. I only wished that more TiE Members had attended the event and benefited from it, even if they were not looking to make investment pitches in the foreseeable future.  Thanks a ton TiE Chennai and UKTI.  It would be really wonderful if a longer session say a half-day workshop is conducted on the similar lines when Annette Kramer is here next!!

It is past midnight now but the energy of Annette and of the session is still keeping me fresh as I sign off this post.



  1. January 10, 2014 at 10:34 am

    thank you for the update..could not attend the event but ur write up was lively

  2. N Ramesh said,

    February 3, 2014 at 7:53 am

    I am glad that you have opened up yourself to learning, especially the basics; which is what I have been telling you all along, in terms of doing your home work well and equipping yourself admirably, or rather preparing and readying yourself and upping your capabilities / capacity; so that you are able to keenly address your fundamentals in a focused manner and strengthen your foundation on the right lines, which is where you have always been found wanting (Read : lacking by miles !) and even deliberately ducking it or rather skirting it every time, if not all the while in the past !

    And this is frank observation cum comment to the Blog Post of yours, which was no doubt nice and interesting, and which I saw it only today when I was going through your earlier posts !

    I don’t know as to how I had missed seeing this Blog of yours which was sent more than three weeks ago, and I am happy that I could get to read it today and I am sorry for the delay in responding and offering my feel on it !

    But I am flabbergasted by the way this fairly lengthy and intensely written Blog of yours was replied to by Shri, Ravi Padmanabhan in his own inimitable way, and that too within six minutes of the Blog or yours getting posted – as if he has gone through the same fully and clearly understood the well loaded and beautifully written contents within that short time of just five minutes and taking one minute to comment on it !

    Now I doubt whether he has actually read through the Blog at all, leave alone comprehending the purport of it and I do suspect the quality and the overall genuineness of his words ‘blurting’ out of his keyboard, which is no doubt wrought with suspicion especially due to the short lapse of time in between the blog of yours and the comment made to it by him !

    Thus Spake the New Age Sage !

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