Continuing ‘Economist’ malice towards Modi


In April 2014, the Economist wrote a cover story titled ‘Can anyone stop Narendra Modi?’.  It created a furore.


The recent print edition of the same Economist dated 24th May 2014 carries another article titled ‘India’s Strong Man’ again featuring Narendra Modi (who else!!!).

Just like most of the TV shows and the print media in India who are unable to digest the clarity of the electoral verdict in favour of BJP and Modi, this recent article of the Economist also has played mischief.  In the guise of congratulating Modi, which it does reluctantly, the article spews venom and vitriol.

Let’s see some excerpts of this article now.

Although we did not endorse him, because we believe that he has not atoned sufficiently for the massacre of Muslims that took place in Gujarat while he was chief minister, we wish him every success: 

First of all, who is Economist to endorse an Indian politician, especially the one  who has carried people across the country? That audacity aside, look at the reason for not having endorsed him!  ‘He has not atoned sufficiently’! Now Economist has acquired the moral authority and the standing to decide who is atone and what level of atonement is sufficient!!  Further, look at the language “massacre of muslims’! That Hindus also lost their lives in the riots is immaterial!  It clearly shows that the Economist has outsourced, unwisely, the generation of false content to the Indian media!

Next look at this:

Mr Modi has a mandate for economic reform. Although his core supporters are religious nationalists, steeped in the glories of a Hindu past, it was the votes of the young, urban and educated that won him the election

Notice the slant?  And the lies?  Despite the fact that he has won 71 seats out of 80 in UP and 22 seats in Bihar, he is painted as though only the young, urban and the educated have supported him.  No doubt they did but they were not the only folks.  The poor, the rural and those so-called ‘uneducated’ too gave him the mandate.  And look at the branding of the core supporters as ‘religious nationalists’, that too steeped in the glories of a Hindu past! Typical of a British media that has played truant with our history and heritage! But then what else can we expect?

And that is not all!

But while he has already worshipped at the Ganges since his victory, promising to clean up the river sacred to Hindus, he has not brought himself to mention Muslims, who make up 15% of the population.

The author sounds like Sagarika Ghose of CNN IBN who asked Modi if he will visit a Dargah too after offering prayers at the Kasi Viswanathar temple!  All of them have conveniently forgotten the fact that Modi is a Hindu and is practising his faith! Just because he is a PM designate, does it mean that he gives up his religion or should pander to every faith!  This is the ugly version of the psuedo-Secularism rightly called as Sickularism.  Modi has not mentioned Christians or Sikhs either! When he mentions and he has done it countless times of ‘Everyone’, it obviously includes all faiths, religions and denominations.  If the Indian Media and the liberals behave as if they will accept Modi as Secular only if he wears a skull cap or visits a mosque or dargah, he has clearly told them that he does not want their certificate.  Certainly, he does not need the ‘endorsement’ from The Economist.

Some of the possible predictions of his tenure outlined by this article are fascinating.  Read this

Mr Modi’s strength will go to his head, and he will rule as an autocrat. Mr Modi has authoritarian tendencies.

I did not know that the author of this article has closely observed Modi for a long time, going by the declaration that Modi has authoritarian tendencies. Conclusions are already drawn and the verdict has been written even before the case comes before the court! Some journalism!

If this is the quality of a reputed international magazine, then we can imagine the state of affairs of the others!

Wow! Indian Main Stream Media (MSM) has truly gone global! 



  1. N Ramesh said,

    May 23, 2014 at 8:05 am

    Most of these so-called Journos are unable to chew the kind of decisive mandate NaMo has received across the Indian landmass and hence the twisted form of writing they are resorting to, which purely reflects their real standard of Journalism practiced by them !

    Let them do it as long as they want for it will not make much change in Modi’s India from now on, as he is known to be a firm and fair decision making who is capable of mauling even the deadliest of the predators, going by what he has done in Gujarat in the past !

    He is a person who can run with the hares and hunt with the hounds and he can easily pull out even difficult victories even under trying circumstances similar to what he has done now and I or rather we hope he will continue to march ahead in the days to come !

    And so, he is virtually unstoppable for some more time to come, leave alone being invincible or indefatigable and hence there is absolutely no use to spread such feelers of the negative genre anymore, which only clearly represents the paid News culture at work !

    That’s it from me for the time being !

    Thus Spake the New Age Sage !

  2. January 25, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    […] Continuing ‘Economist’ malice towards Modi […]

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