Perhaps more important than the FreeChargewallet

I noticed a flurry of tweets about the impending launch of the FreeChargeWallet by Snapdeal and FreeCharge.  It made me wonder if we are on the cusp of a revolution and realized we are not.  But it served the purpose of writing this post which has been pending for quite some time now.

As a regular and happy user of FreeCharge, I am observing the evolution of their service from only pre-paids to cover post-paids, DTH and now certain utility bills as well and I must really compliment the team for a smooth and gradual increase in coverage.  I have also noticed their emphasis on the user experience and the constant efforts to minimize the friction. I must also compliment the social media team, especially the customer care unit on twitter which is very responsive and active.

I have gone on record on twitter that I would continue to use freecharge even if there were no coupons.  In fact, skip coupons has become a default setting for me.  I enjoy the convenience and the hassle-free experience.

Given that the freecharge team is trying to get its existing user base to use the service repeatedly, I have experienced a clear chasm as a frequent user and i have shared the same with the key people a few times.

when i effect my post-paid payment, i go through the process of selecting the card or payment mode, enter the amount and authenticate via otp.  And when I want to recharge my wife’s mobile immediately thereafter, I am forced to repeat the process much to my chagrin.  Given that I am most likely to use the same credit card, for both the transactions, I would prefer to check out after all my bills are ready for payment and do it at one stroke.

Imagine the situation at a e-commerce site like Snapdeal where after you have selected your shirt, you cannot add a pair of pants but must pay for your shirt first!!

I am confident that the key folks at FreeCharge would make the overall experience of customers smoother by making these subtle changes rather than focus on big bang announcements.


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  1. N Ramesh said,

    September 15, 2015 at 4:14 pm

    Dear Badri,

    These are all the early ‘avatars’ of the Payment banks in the para banking format, which is likely to change the face of Banking, more particularly in India, and in all probability it is going to be ‘disruptive’ to the traditional mode and the conventional Banking channels adopted by most of the Banking Institutions now operating in India vide the Branch banking set up found all over the length and breadth of our country !

    And such a technology led para banks will give a run for even the well established banking Institutions which have all along invested massively in the overall infrastructure that is required for running the banks !

    May be a real churn is likely to take shape in the days to come along with the turmoil in the market place and the upheavals in the economic sphere, more specifically in the global arena which may even turn out to be catastrophic, if not cataclysmic in its nature and genre, to say the least as of now !

    And that’s it for the time being !

    Thus Spake the New Age Sage !

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