Ostrichs in action

If it is really true that the government nominees told team Anna during the negotiations yesterday that “Anna’s fast is his problem”, then it once again shows their lack of sensitivity and common sense.

Now we can safely guess that today or in the near future, the government will itself spearhead the Jan Lokpal bill in the parliament under the pretext of  “saving Anna’s life”.

I can hardly understand the arrogance and the stubbornness of this Government which doesn’t seem to realize its own mistakes that have created this mess and worse continue in the same vein.

On one hand they talk about “setting a dangerous precedence” but

a) The PM sends 4 ministers to the airport to meet Baba Ramdev to request him to call off his hunger strike.

b) The PM invites only team Anna to be a part of the drafting committee without including any of the opposition parites or other leading civic activists.

c) The Government swoops down on Baba Ramdev and his people at midnight and uses force to disperse them

d) Sets unreasonable demands for the fast and even before Anna is seen to have broken them, arrests him and sends him to Tihar

Are these very healthy precedents?

Arun Jaitley has accused a lawyer team of advising the PM but it seems to me that whoever is advising the team are bereft  of the ability of seeing reality and political savviness.  By their own blundering course of actions, they have unwittingly created the effect which is exactly the opposite of what they wanted to prevent!!

Worse, they do not seem to realise it even now and continue to insist that they have been right all the way under false pretenses and flawed logic!!

Will the TV channels, which are covering this issue as if there is nothing else of importance, organize an open debate with representatives of team Anna, the Government, principal opposition and other prominent civil activist on the merits of the Jan Lokpal bill?


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