Pleasant & traumatic experiences with Ola money


Given the precarious cash position, I added money to my Ola wallet prior to my travel to Delhi

  1. My trip to the central station from home was very smooth.  Neither the driver nor I had to fish out the change in a busy intersection.
  2. Likewise my trips in Delhi using the Ola wallet were very seamless

But I also had a share of painful experiences.

  1. This morning, I had taken an auto and because it was a short distance i was more than willing to pay by cash for the auto driver but the moment the trip was closed, the payment was made from my ola wallet.  The driver was visibly upset because it will be many days before he gets the money, if at all, for this trip.  I felt sorry for the driver. (Is there a way to pay in cash for a trip when there is sufficient balance in the ola wallet?  I have asked this question to Ola customer support as well)
  2. For my return , I had booked another auto and when I got into it, I told him about the ola money and he asked my mother & myself to  alight because he wants cash.  I could understand his predicament and so I booked a cab.  While we were travelling by the cab, I got a sms from Ola that an amount of Rs.174 has been debited from my Ola wallet for the above auto ride that I did not take.  Clearly, the auto driver had done some mischief.  At this moment, I have written to Ola reporting the issue and hopefully it will get resolved and the erroneous debit will be reversed.

So its been a mixed bag.  I have written this blog highlighting both sides of the coin.

So, if  you are planning to load your Ola wallet (I’m not sure how it works with Uber), please watch the debits carefully and report any abuses to the customer care immediately.

Caveat emptor – Buyer beware



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