Some Questions to Team Anna

1. You say that PM Should be under Lokpal but his/her decisions relating to certain areas like Defence and National security may be kept outside the purview of Lokpal (or should we call it Jan Lokpal?). Which means that if this bill was passed prior to 1984, Rajiv Gandhi would have avoided coming under its scrutiny for the Bofors scam (a pathetic amount of Rs.64 crores). Or if the current or future PMs engage in corruption in purchasing combat aircraft, they can very well claim immunity on account of the fact that it was Defence. Why is Defence a sacred cow?

2. Let’s say that the Jan Lokpal was passed an year earlier. What would have been the scenario for the likes of Raja, Kalmadi, Sheila Dixit and Dayanidhi Maran? What would have happened?

Instead of dreaming about eradicating corruption with the proposed bill, please talk straight and answer these questions.



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