Asking the PM to act on this?

I received a link to sign a petition asking PM to take action against MP Ravindra Gaekwad and I think it is preposterous.

If the signatories feel strongly, they should ask the leader of Shiv Sena to remove the MP from the party or write to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha to explore options to disqualify this MP. I think the latter approach is not feasible because the issue is only at the FIR stage.

Although it is great that this action has created an outrage amongst the citizens, asking the PM to take action on the behaviour of a MP of another party and that too outside the Parliament is ridiculous .

Allow the PM to do his job. He is not the country’s policeman.

I’m however happy that there is no campaign (yet) asking the PM to resign on moral grounds because Shiv Sena was an alliance partner in the past.   Opposition demoralized or sleeping?


Ostrichs in action

If it is really true that the government nominees told team Anna during the negotiations yesterday that “Anna’s fast is his problem”, then it once again shows their lack of sensitivity and common sense.

Now we can safely guess that today or in the near future, the government will itself spearhead the Jan Lokpal bill in the parliament under the pretext of  “saving Anna’s life”.

I can hardly understand the arrogance and the stubbornness of this Government which doesn’t seem to realize its own mistakes that have created this mess and worse continue in the same vein.

On one hand they talk about “setting a dangerous precedence” but

a) The PM sends 4 ministers to the airport to meet Baba Ramdev to request him to call off his hunger strike.

b) The PM invites only team Anna to be a part of the drafting committee without including any of the opposition parites or other leading civic activists.

c) The Government swoops down on Baba Ramdev and his people at midnight and uses force to disperse them

d) Sets unreasonable demands for the fast and even before Anna is seen to have broken them, arrests him and sends him to Tihar

Are these very healthy precedents?

Arun Jaitley has accused a lawyer team of advising the PM but it seems to me that whoever is advising the team are bereft  of the ability of seeing reality and political savviness.  By their own blundering course of actions, they have unwittingly created the effect which is exactly the opposite of what they wanted to prevent!!

Worse, they do not seem to realise it even now and continue to insist that they have been right all the way under false pretenses and flawed logic!!

Will the TV channels, which are covering this issue as if there is nothing else of importance, organize an open debate with representatives of team Anna, the Government, principal opposition and other prominent civil activist on the merits of the Jan Lokpal bill?

The PM is right

Our PM has made a specific statement while delivering an address at the Indian Institute of Management Kolkota that “Lokpal alone will not solve the problem of corruption” and he is right on target on that.  Whether he meant the Lokpal Bill being introduced by the Government or the Jan Lokpal Bill from Team Anna, we do not know.

But no matter what it is, to solve the problem of corruption calls for a strong political will from the powers that be at the Centre and the States (that will spawn amongst others e-Governance initiatives on the citizen facing interaction for better transparency) and a determination amongst the citizens not to give bribes to get things done when it should be done normally or get away from problems of their own making.

No matter what the Government does or doesn’t, are we ready to keep our end of the bargain so that the menace of corruption is kept under check?


Some Questions to Team Anna

1. You say that PM Should be under Lokpal but his/her decisions relating to certain areas like Defence and National security may be kept outside the purview of Lokpal (or should we call it Jan Lokpal?). Which means that if this bill was passed prior to 1984, Rajiv Gandhi would have avoided coming under its scrutiny for the Bofors scam (a pathetic amount of Rs.64 crores). Or if the current or future PMs engage in corruption in purchasing combat aircraft, they can very well claim immunity on account of the fact that it was Defence. Why is Defence a sacred cow?

2. Let’s say that the Jan Lokpal was passed an year earlier. What would have been the scenario for the likes of Raja, Kalmadi, Sheila Dixit and Dayanidhi Maran? What would have happened?

Instead of dreaming about eradicating corruption with the proposed bill, please talk straight and answer these questions.


Pscycophancy, thy name is Congress!!

Day not far when Rahul becomes PM: says Pranab Mukherjee, the person who reportedly felt he deserved to be the PM immediately after the assassination of Indira Gandhi.  Hence he was sidelined by Rajiv and his coterie for quite some time and spent his time in wilderness.  And being a politically savvy person (except on that one occasion in 1984) he would not have made that remark without realizing the implications.  What a great fall for a person who was once India’s finance minister!!

This remark of his has also revealed the thinking within Congress that Sonia can / will not be the PM.  Given her age and ‘experience’, it is too early to write her off but if the Congress is now pitching Rahul, they have given hopes of Sonia becoming the PM.

If someone reading this blog thought that I am equating Pranab with Congress, then be informed that his is not the lone voice.  Digivijay Singh, Arjun Singh, Veerapa Moily and Prithviraj singh have been saying it different fora.  Our PM had already endorsed that Rahul is the future of our Nation during the UP polls itself!

Back to Monarchy!  Let’s welcome the new King!!

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